About Me

When I was in second grade and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I chose "Grandma."

I enjoy listening to songs about being stuck in the middle. And, I know what you're thinking, but Jimmy Eat World hasn't cornered the market on this, I promise. I love a good laugh, sarcasm, spicy food, musicals, and pop culture trivia. And I'm a clutch Mario Kart player. Really.

I've spent the past eleven years of my career in the nonprofit world, six of those in higher education. During this time, I've honed my skills as a content marketer:

Most recently, I was the Director of Communications for United Way of Rhode Island, where I worked as chief storyteller. I managed, wrote, and aligned content across all of our digital channels, building a compelling story for existing and new audiences. 

I am also a freelance editor. Some of the papers I have worked on have ended up in Emerging Infectious DiseasesVirology, Skull Base, and the Journal of Neurosurgery Pediatrics

For more details, check out my résumé.

*Image courtesy of collectpeanuts.com.*